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Our company focuses on international and domestic freight transport, logistic solutions and other transportation services for our customers. O.K.SPED, s.r.o. was established in 2006 but we have many years of experience in the field of freight transportation from previous professions. The company is seated in Bratislava, Slovakia and is closely cooperating with local refinery.

We focus on transportation of plastic and other bulk materials in silo trucks as if materials on palettes and big bags on classic trailers. Processes in our company are subject to management standard ISO. Company O.K.SPED, s.r.o. has implemented and maintains this management system in the area of international and domestic transport and road freight service.


We provide a full service

Transport of bulk materials

Freight road transport of bulk materials in silo trucks.

Transport of palletized goods

Whole trailer freight transport of materials on palettes on classic trailers. Our company focuses mainly on export from Bratislava to Germany and northern Italy.

Complete logistic services

We provide complete logistic services from loading of the goods to storage and transportation to your customers.


Repack from palettes to silo trailers.

Individual requests

We can handle any individual requests and demands of our customers.

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Matejkova 57
841 05 Bratislava

IČO: 35972700
DiČ: SK 2022102698

Ing. Ondrej Kresan
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Tel.: +421 2 405 521 28
Mobil: +421 908 706 053